Low Deposit Home Loans Melbourne, VIC

Ever thought about building and owning your own home? Getting the money for it can be stressful,
but Stop Renting Queensland has a team of money experts just for that. They know all about construction loans, so you don’t have to worry about confusing options and tricky financial stuff.

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Sarah Horn

The Stop Renting team helped us every step of the way. He was so supportive, answered every silly question, and helped us towards our goal we never thought to achieve.

Stop Renting and their partnership with Home Group have enabled us to build a lot quicker. Our slab went down only in September last year.

We would highly recommend Stop Renting hands down. Don’t delay! The team is ready to help you make the next step.

First Home Owner Grants

Don’t want to waste time in meetings with banks or brokers who don’t really get how building a new home works? Our Stop Renting Finance team knows the drill. They understand the kind of home you want, whether it’s a new build or a house and land package, and they find money solutions that fit your situation.
No need to stress about it – they shop around to get you the best deal from lots of different money places. They figure out the interest rate and how you’ll pay it back, tailored to what works best for you because everyone’s situation is different. They can guide you on how much money you might need to save, or sometimes you might not need to save anything at all. They make sure you understand how the repayments work and what kind of deposit you might need to make your dream home happen.